Our Process

What to expect when you hire Osterhaven Concrete for your next concrete project.

Setting The Right Expectations

We believe in being upfront with customers right from the start. Setting the right expectations will make the process of working together go much more smoothly. Our goal with this page is to give you an idea for how things will happen with your project. Of course, special circumstances can happen with any project, so this information is intended only as a general guideline. In all cases, we promise to keep you informed and never leave you wondering what is going on!

Below is an outline of how you can expect your project to proceed, from start to finish.

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    Tell us about your project

    The first step is to reach out and let us know what you're thinking for your project. You can email us, or call us at 616.318.9501.

    Within 3 business days, you'll speak with Chris, who will learn more about your project and see how we can help. You'll set an appointment, where she will come out to your location and further learn about your project, take measurements and make notes about your property related to the project. For example, it's important for us to understand how the project fits on your property, what level of access there is, note any obstacles, etc.

    A week or two after your appointment, Brian will provide you with the project estimate, approximate installation timeline and other details, and can answer any questions you might have.

Office Manager Chris Osterhaven holding a clipboard

Chris Osterhaven
Office Manager and Project Consultant

Miss dig
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    Approve the project

    To schedule your project, we require a down payment (checks and credit cards accepted) with the signed contract. We'll put you on our installation schedule and let you know the week in which we plan to do the installation.

    During this time, we’ll discuss with you what (if anything) you’ll need to do with your property to prepare for our installation crew to arrive.

    Also during this time, we will be calling Miss Dig to mark the property for standard utilities.

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    Now comes the exciting part—our crew will arrive and begin work! We'll do our best to protect your property during the process. This may include: hanging plastic to prevent splatter from concrete, placing plywood down to reduce damage to your property from our equipment, using equipment with tracks, etc.

    We'll complete the work according to the estimate we provided. If there are any delays due to weather or an unforeseen circumstance, we will contact you as soon as we become aware of it. As always you can email us, or call us at 616.318.9501 with any questions! Typically, you'll speak with Brian at this point.

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    Finishing the project

    When your project is complete, our crew will clean up the site according to what is laid out in our contract. Some repair may be necessary on the homeowner's part, such as yard and landscaping repair. We would be happy to recommend landscape contractors that can help with this.

    For decorative concrete, we will need to return 1-3 days after installation in order to power wash and apply sealer. The sealer must be allowed to dry before being walked on or placement of any objects/furniture.

    For driveways, the concrete must be allowed to cure for approximately 7-10 days before being driven on.

    Final payment is due now that the project is complete.

Let's get started on your project!

We'd love to work with you! Call us at 616.318.9501, or send us an email to get started.