Patios and Porches

We specialize in all sorts of porches, patios, and step building. Whether you’re looking for a more welcoming home entrance or a place to entertain out back, we can do it!

Patios That Add Function and Style

One of our most popular projects that we install are patios. Patios are great for family gatherings, summer parties, pools, or simply having a place to relax! And, you can even add stampings and colorings to your patio concrete for an even more custom look!

If you're considering adding a patio to your home, we can help! Let us give you a free estimate. Email us using our website or give us a call at 616.318.9501 to get started.

Consultation appointment

The first step to plan your new patio will be to consider how you're going to use your patio space.

Will it solely be for your personal enjoyment, used for placement of a hot tub, or used as a place to socialize with friends and family? Visualizing this new space is a very important part of the process. If you have trouble visualizing, we recommend using flag markers, spray paint, or even your garden hose to lay out a perimeter of what you would like installed.

Once you've made an appointment with us, we will aid you in creating this space so that you can find the best size and shape that fits you. During this appointment, we will come to your location to take measurements and photos of the area so that we may give you the most accurate estimate we can.

One key point of discussion we will have with you is to find a proper access point for our equipment. Patios are commonly poured in the backyard section of your property. Because of this, we routinely check for a space which will have a minimum of 6' width clearance in order to safely maneuver our equipment. If a privacy fence hinders the access area, then temporary removal of a section will be required by the homeowner.

We also highly recommend that you assess your landscaping situation before our crew arrives to prep the area. If you have any plants in the design area or nearby that you would like to save, we leave the responsibility of digging up and re-planting up to the customer. Our crews must over-dig the area in order to properly set up forms, and leave room for watershed.

Installing Your New Patio

What happens during the patio installation?

On the day we start your patio, our prepping crew will first evaluate the area. This includes: prepping the base, compacting, setting forms, determining proper slope heights, and hanging any plastic necessary for easier clean up. After each of these steps are completed, we will then pour 4" thick concrete, with a broom finish look.

A common question we are asked is if the concrete truck will be driving into your back yard in order to complete the pour. We typically use a concrete buggy to run concrete from the road or use a concrete pump to carry the concrete to the desired area.

If you have chosen to place a hot tub on your new patio, we routinely pour the concrete thicker rather than the standard 4"; we do this in order to account for the extra weight that of the tub and water. We also offer the option to add extra reinforcement within the concrete, which can be discussed during our consultation appointment.

Completion of your new patio

The final stage to complete is saw cutting the area, adding in the crack control joints, and form removal. During the process of saw cutting, there will be a dusty residue left behind, which will easily wash away with any rainfall or a quick rinse with the hose.

The perimeter of your patio will need to be backfilled after we have finished our work. We leave this as a responsibility to the customer. Customers tend to want to design their own landscape afterwards around their patio area. At an extra cost, we do offer the option of lawn restoration if needed.

Let's get started on your project!

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