Stamped Concrete & Decorative Flatwork

Decorative concrete is a popular and cost-effective way to add a unique style and aesthetic appeal to your property.

Concrete Doesn't Have to be Boring!

When decorative concrete is mentioned, many ideas come to mind. Decorative concrete can be custom made to your taste and liking. It can be used for any flatwork application, but some uses are more common, such as patios and sidewalks. Patterns such as brick, stone and wood, along with multiple colors make the options almost limitless!

If you're looking to add beauty and style to your otherwise plain-looking concrete project, we can help! Let us give you a free estimate. Email us using our website or give us a call at 616.318.9501 to get started.

Consultation appointment

When you contact us for an appointment, we'll work with you to find an appointment that will fit into your schedule when we both can be present. During our consultation, we will come to your location and take measurements of the desired area, snap photos and go over all the decorative design options that are available. We'll also answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Turnaround time for receiving your estimate is between 1-2 weeks.

When you decide to book your project, we request a signed copy of your estimate, along with a good faith deposit to book a spot on our schedule. Then, we'll communicate with you a week on the calendar of when we will be able to start your job. Giving you this general time frame should allow you ample time to prepare for us to arrive. If changes to the schedule need to be made due to weather, we will keep you in the loop about those changes.

Options to Suit Your Style

Choosing Your Decorative Concrete

It's a three-step process when choosing to have decorative concrete installed. We'll walk you through the process and the options during our consultation appointment.

Basically, the process looks like this:

  • 1
    Pick a stamping pattern

    There are multiple pattern choices to choose from:

    Brick. Who knew brick could be stamped in so many different ways?

    • Basket Weave
    • Running Bond New Brick
    • Running Bond Old Brick
    • Granite Block
    • Granite Sets
    • Pennsylvania Cobble (most popular option)
    • Lisbon Granite

    Stone. Adds texture and depth.

    • Random Fieldstone
    • Large Random Flagstone
    • Old London Mermaid Granite
    • Random Flagstone
    • Rock Garden
    • Radius Stone

    Wood. Have the appealing look of wood but with the strength of concrete.

    • Wood Paver Ashler
    • Gilpin's Falls Bridge Plank
    • Ganged 6" Pegged Wood Plank
    • Ganged 8" Pegged Wood Plank

    Seamless Texture Skins. Creates a continuous flow without a pattern, leaving you with one beautiful look!

    • Old English Slate
    • Increte
    • Slate
    • Fractured Earth
    • Belgian Slate
    • Hadley Creek Shale
    • River Stone
    • Tahoe Slate
    • Fractured Slate
    • Desert Slate

    Slate. Resembles that of natural building materials.

    • Old English Sidewalk Slate
    • Grand Slate
    • Regal Ashlar
    • Ashlar Cut Slate (most popular option)
    • Ashlar Gage Cut Slate
    • Random Belgian Slate
    • Fractured Slate with Joint
    • Windsor Castle Slate
    • TM100 Ashlar Slate
  • 2
    Pick the concrete color

    Choose a color that compliments your house or fits your style.

    Colors range from shades of brown to red to grays. When picking your color, please remember color charts are a guide and not a guaranteed match. We recommend that you pick a color that you would still be happy with if it came out a shade darker or lighter.

    View the concrete color choices.

  • 3
    Pick the release agent color

    The release is also known as the antique agent. This is the powdered color that brings out the pattern. It can be darker or lighter than the color of the concrete itself. This specific color settles in the mortar joints when the stamp pattern is being tampered.

    View the release agent color choices.

Decorative and Functional Options


Borders are sometimes added to create more character and charm to the look of your project. This can be a different stamp pattern than the main patio area. You have the option to use the same color for both border and main area, or even two different colors.

Fire Pit

Fire pit inserts can also be an option to consider. It allows you to enjoy your patio late into the fall.

If you're thinking of a stationary fire pit, please have in mind the style you would like and size. During the pouring process of your patio, we can leave a cutout in the pit area, which will be just slightly bigger than your provided dimensions.

Installing Your Decorative Concrete

The steps of preparing for the stamped patio are essentially the same as a standard broom finished patio.

A decorative patio is poured 4” thick. We offer reinforcement as an option for a standard patio, but reinforcement is included for decorative.

Once the patio is poured with the color, the crew will cover the patio with the release agent. Then, at the correct time, they will stamp the pattern into the concrete. Once this is one, the area must remain untouched until we return.

The next step (which typically occurs within 24-36 hours of pouring), is to saw cut the control joints, remove form boards, wash off the release agent, and dry and seal the patio with either a glossy or flat finish, which dries clear.

The sealer must dry completely before walking on or placing furniture and objects on it. We suggest leaving alone for at least 24-36 hours.


Decorative concrete does require some maintenance to maintain its original characteristics and beauty. Having the area resealed every 1-3 years is suggested, but it’s very dependent on sun exposure and foot traffic. Before reapplying sealer, the decorative area must be cleared off, power washed and dried.

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